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Adding a Rock Waterfall to a Swimming Pool
by: JD Professional Team

Is it time to add a rock waterfall to your swimming pool? If you live in the Boca/Delray area, or anywhere else in South Florida, nothing complements a swimming pool better than a beautiful rock waterfall. But to who to call? General contractor? Architect? Pool company? None of the above?

While all of the above can technically get the job done, all may not have the specific experience needed to build a rock waterfall that will work in harmony with your swimming pool and your backyard.

Building a rock waterfall is more than putting rocks on top of one another. It takes the eye of an experienced designer to capture the essence of your backyard and create a rock waterfall design that fits your swimming pool and the surrounding area without overpowering them.

Hiring the wrong provider can take a rock waterfall design from an attention grabbing masterpiece, to an odd contraption attached to your swimming pool that stick out like a sore thumb in the middle of your backyard. This is why selecting the right company to design and build your rock waterfall is crucial.

When sitting down with your swimming pool designer, make sure to ask for samples of their work to get an idea of their style and capabilities, in order to determine if you are a right fit.

Remember, when it comes to adding a rock waterfall to your swimming pool, balance is everything. The quality of the stones that will be used is very important as well, so make sure that the provider can source quality stones for your project.

JD Professional Landscaping Design has been providing rock waterfall design and swimming pool design to customers in Delray Beach, Boca Raton and the surrounding areas for more than 15 years. JD Professional Landscaping Design only uses the finest natural stones and boulders from Canada, North Carolina, Tennessee, and of course, Florida.

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If you have any questions regarding this post, or if you need Pool Remodeling services in Boca Raton or the surrounding areas, please contact us at: 954-255-9333, one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

Article date: Apr. 30 2013

Job type: Pool Remodeling

Job Location: Boca Raton - Palm Beach County


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